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Regulars of the Uncharteds

Title: Regulars of The Uncharteds
Author: Angel Levaithan
Disclaimer: The characters of Atlantis and Farscape aren't mine.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “Ah, we have a trio. Elphaba, Fantine and Galadriel... Now just to wait for the quartet to be complete.”
Notes: Crossover with lust_and_fame.

“It was awful. Absolutely awful. I mean, the general rule in that sort of situation is to just carry on as if nothing’s happened, but really...”

“So, what did you do?”

Vala waved a hand dismissively. “Carried on singing, of course. But can you imagine what the audience were thinking? ‘Oh, the new girl can’t hack it, throw her backstage again, she’s not done yet...’”

The petite brunette swung her legs, thumping heels against the bar as she fiddled absently with one of the electric blue highlights threaded though her hair. “Why not just give them the middle finger?” she proposed.

“Defying Gravity with Elphaba shooting the audience the middle finger as the climax...” Vala took a sip of her drink, smiling over the rim of the glass. “Certainly an interesting take on it. I like how you think.”

“Better not like it too much.” The comment was coupled with a peck of a kiss on the cheek as Ellie jumped up onto the barstool beside Vala. The blonde shot a grin in the direction of young woman perched on the bar. “Hey, Chi.”

“Off. Now.”

“I’m not doing any da-“

“Off. Now, Chiana,” a stern voice insisted, almost drowned-out by the sound of clean glasses meeting bar-top.

Chiana muttered a stream of curses as she hopped down, pausing only to shoot the raven-haired proprietess the finger. As soon as her feet touched the floor, she swung round to park herself behind the bar and set about reluctantly polishing the newly-arrived glasses before she could be ordered to.

“And how are you, this fine Sunday afternoon, Aeryn?” Ellie chirped.

Aeryn sighed and angled a glance towards the end of the bar, where a unkempt gentleman sat scribbling frantically on a collection of scraps of paper. “I’d be better if he hadn’t fallen into my lap last week.” She lowered her voice. “He keeps insisting that he’s an MI5 agent, but he was so frelling drunk...”

“I know what word you mean,” Chiana interrupted. “Can’t we be grown-ups now?”

Her elder sister ignored her. “Now I have him, of all the creatures in this city, living in the second floor flat.”

“What real MI5 agent would tell you that’s what they are in the first place?” Vala scoffed.

“Hey!” came the indignant shout. “I’m not deaf, blind or dumb and you guys are pretty obvious, you know?”

All eyes were drawn to the rather scruffily-dressed man in his mid-thirties perched at the end of the bar. Torn jeans and a plain white t-shirt did much to emphasise his physique, but the hair gelled and spiked up in every possible direction only distracted from the pure blue of his eyes. For all Aeryn had described him as a drunk, there was nothing but a glass of water to be found beside him in the way of drink.

Vala smiled quite appreciatively and winked over at him. “Wouldn’t mind him falling into my lap,” she remarked quietly, only to receive a swat from Ellie.

“Keep it down, Crichton,” Aeryn snapped.

“As charming as ever, Ms Sun, how do you manage it?” Crichton drawled.

“I reserve it solely for you.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Chiana walked the length of the bar to sprawl herself across it opposite Crichton, all over the papers that held his avid attention. “You all know he’s only got eyes for me...”

Agitated, he began to drag his work out from under her. “Hey, Pip, off the documentation.”

“You’re no fun. Don’t you have five minutes for me?” Chiana straightened as the door to the bar was shoved open in the manner of somebody in a hurry. Or somebody late.

“I’m so sorry,” were the first words out of Elizabeth’s mouth. “They’ve hit every damned Underground line that covers this area. It’s madness. If they think crippling this city is going to get them more money, then-“

“Ah, we have a trio. Elphaba, Fantine and Galadriel... Now just to wait for the quartet to be complete.”

Elizabeth smiled over at the source of the voice, a tall, graceful woman who sat playing solitaire with a deck of cards that had seen better days. “Only not quite so scripted today, Zhaan,” she greeted. About to take another step forward, she was almost flung from her feet as the door opened once more to reveal Teyla, who looked considerably less harried, though she was the latest of all the women.

“And Velma. Or soon to be, should all fall into place...”

“Velma!?” chorused the former trio.

Teyla held up one hand to silence them. “Possibly.”

“And you told her before us?” Vala demanded.

“I’m hurt. In fact, I’m leaving right now,” Ellie added.

Elizabeth looked Teyla up and down. “Why didn’t you say?”

“Nothing is certain yet,” Teyla protested. “There are merely plans and words and all up in the air at the moment.” She followed Elizabeth to claim a seat at the bar and folded her arms atop it.

Elizabeth jerked her head in the direction of Crichton. “Who’s he?” she murmured.

“New guy. Tennant of Aeryn’s, apparently,” Ellie answered.

Vala rolled her eyes. “Yeah and you know he’s cracked before she can even get out ‘welcome to The Uncharted Territories’. Not the best advert for the place.”

“Look, I don’t care what show you’re in or who the hell you think you are, but just shut the hell up,” Crichton barked. “You’ve still got your life. Leave me to the remains of mine!”

Elizabeth quirked an eyebrow in silent enquiry.

“Former MI5 agent, apparently,” Chiana offered in a stage-whisper. She shrieked a moment later as Crichton administered a sharp clap round the back of her head.

“Hey! Touch her again and you’ll have me to answer to,” Aeryn warned.

“I wouldn’t mind him touching me again...” Chiana purred.

“Shut up...” Crichton muttered. “Just... Just shut up.” He glanced around sharply as if he could see something they couldn’t and bent back to his scribbling.

“Before we get to Teyla’s imminent success, I think it’s only fair that you hear of my disaster,” Ellie began, dragging their attention away from whom they were all labelling a basket-case.

“Disaster?” Elizabeth asked, as she curled her fingers delicately around the martini glass that was slid silently across to her. “Did you fall off those shoes?”

“I wish!” the blonde groaned and hid her face behind her hands. “It was the silks. You know, I’d got the complicated part over and everything. So there’s me-“ and she conducted an invisible orchestra in double-quick time as she explained, “all ‘will know no harm, enfolded in my arms...’ and I hit the high note, feet off the ground, go to turn and the bloody silks tangle! And there’s nothing I can do about it! We had to drop the curtain and do the whole song again from the top. It was humiliating.”

Vala slung an arm across her girlfriend’s shoulders and tilted her head to hers companionably. “See, all these stunts and singing midair, it’s just asking for trouble,” she joked.

“Well, I forgot my track completely last Tuesday, if it’s any consolation,” Elizabeth offered. “I just stood there looking rather like a fool. It was one of those moments... You must know, when you get so into a scene and you’re jolted out of it and you don’t know where you are?”

Teyla nodded. “When it takes all your strength just to move somewhere, anywhere, after some of the numbers.”

Chiana hopped back up onto the bar. “So, Velma?” she pressed.

Aeryn rolled her eyes and decided to work around her rather than shove her to the floor, just to irritate her. “I cannot quite see you as such a brazen murderess, Teyla,” she admitted.

“Funny, you can see her as one though, can’t you?” Crichton remarked.

Teyla glanced between Crichton and Aeryn as the two exchanged such a look of contempt that one had to wonder just what had happened between them. “I have... been in the company a while and have covered the role with next to no warning. I know the track, the script... It is just a matter of whether I want this lead or whether I should move on.”

“It doesn’t pay to stay too long... For your sanity, let alone career,” Ellie replied. She dipped a finger into her Cosmopolitan and licked it.

“Who’s that woman who has been in that other company for what... Five years now?” Vala questioned.

“Oh... Yeah. Five years is a bit much. But I guess if you enjoy it...”

Elizabeth sighed. “If I spent five years in one role, I’d begin to worry I couldn’t do anything else.”

“Precisely,” Teyla agreed. “There is such a thing as being too familiar. But the money is good and I would require little extra rehearsal.” She shrugged one shoulder. “I still have time to consider it.”

“What are you gonna put on in Atlantis?” Chiana asked, gaze trained on Elizabeth.

“I’m...not too sure yet. There are several shows from the States that have been well-received that we’re debating,” Elizabeth replied. “But we have to take into account that we don’t have the same sort of audience over here. RENT has never been successfully staged in London and likely won’t ever be, and yet it’s incredibly popular over there.”

“Rodney insists that we take a risk,” Teyla murmured. “He wants everything in place, soon. It is...a little foolish.”

Elizabeth nodded agreement. “We’re not going charging into anything.”

Crichton looked up from his work and glared at them. “Would you ladies mind keeping it down?”

“Come on girls, let’s go find a corner where we won’t disturb the natives,” Ellie responded, leisurely slipping down from her seat and moving across the bar.

“Whatever you say, he is definitely not one of the natives,” Aeryn insisted, narrowing her eyes as her gaze rested on Crichton. She shook her head. “Zhaan, would you mind watching the bar for me whilst I contact D’Argo? I think we’re going to need him on the door tonight after all.”

Zhaan nodded acquiescence. “Of course.”

“How is John faring at the National?” Teyla enquired, as they moved out of earshot.

“Oh, you know how it is. Cutting-edge and everything...”

Chiana snatched a glass from beneath the bar and leaned forward to click it into place beneath the nearest bottle of vodka. As she claimed the measure, she cried protest when Zhaan snatched it away from her and downed it herself.

“Hey! You do that again and I’ll kick your ass!”

“My dear, I’ve kicked more arse than you’ve sat on,” Zhaan responded dryly. She unceremoniously yanked the girl from the bar as a gang of city suits ambled through the door in their typical self-important fashion. “What can I get you gentlemen?”

“Signature drink all round, right boys?”

She smiled lazily. “So will that be a Staburst, a Cosmopolitan or a Pulse Rifle?”



( 5 tequila sunrises — Name your poison )
Oct. 13th, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
This makes me ridiculously happy. I think I'm going to go watch another Farscape episode now...

And "lol" at Crichton. Poor man...
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 13th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
"I’m so sorry,” were the first words out of Elizabeth’s mouth. “They’ve hit every damned Underground line that covers this area. It’s madness. If they think crippling this city is going to get them more money, then-“

Heh. ;)

“My dear, I’ve kicked more arse than you’ve sat on

Great line. lol!

"If I spent five years in one role, I’d begin to worry I couldn’t do anything else.”

Hence, I think, why most actors want to 'broaden their horizons' after 5 years on a show.

As usual, I would be repeating myself by saying you are made of awesome. ;) I think I just did again. Oh well. :)

Crichton's grumpy. ;) Feel like watching Farscape now. :)

(Deleted comment)
Oct. 14th, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
*sings the Underground song* ;)

It's still a great line. I only really started watching from Season 4. I need to sort myself out with DVDs. :( We need to get you Slings & Arrows also. ;)

Wow. Wonder how she's coping, or if she's happy?

( 5 tequila sunrises — Name your poison )

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