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Title: Traitor
Author: Angel Leviathan
Disclaimer: The Farscape characters aren't mine.
Rating: PG
Summary: Her seventeen year old self holds ten year old Chiana back as the officers lead their mother away.
Notes: None.


She remembers the sound of the gunshot more than the sight of her father crumpled on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Chiana’s scream always comes next, then their mother’s harsh bark of an order to stay put, which, as ever, her little sister doesn’t obey. She remembers promising the murderess before her that she’ll find her errant daughter; recalls calmly dialling the police instead. Her seventeen year old self holds ten year old Chiana back as the officers lead their mother away and the child hurls abuse at she who gave them life; who destroyed.



The last word her mother ever uttered in her direction, hissed as she struggled in cuffs and was bundled into a police van. Aeryn doesn’t know what her father did to provoke that fired bullet. She wonders if it was something dreadful or if her mother had merely grown bored of him. The day following the conclusion of the trial; when she knows that woman is locked up and cannot hurt them, Aeryn leads Chiana by the hand and into an escape she’s been planning since that shot. Halfway round the world they fly, to bitter grey and rain.


Their father’s will leaves the house to her. The deed is in his name. She and Chiana are already in London before the sale is finalised, tickets bought and rent paid with loans the house will eventually pay off. Chiana cries. Aeryn doesn’t comfort her. She gets a demeaning job and she works; enrols her sister in what she hears is a notoriously rough school, but it’s the only one with a place. Thirteen years later, Chiana isn’t grateful and Aeryn isn’t sorry. They fight and the bar has a sky-high mortgage... but they’re free. Australia and blood long gone.

[ The Uncharted Territories ]

A Farscape AU. Set in the same universe as Atlantis AU lust_and_fame.

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